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Automated Window Opening & Closing

Automated Fresh Air – Improve Productivity & Reduce Fatigue.

Using technology, we can monitor and react to your indoor air quality (IAQ)

Single Zone Co2 Controller for Natural Ventilation

General outdoor Co2 levels are between 400ppm and 550ppm , indoor Co2 levels for the work place and study area can range from 500ppm up to 3000ppm and greater levels in highly occupied rooms . It is a proven study that a cleaner fresher working / learning environment can improve productivity and reduce fatigue therefore reducing productivity down time. Bringing fresh air into your indoor environment is the best way to do this and what better way than automating windows.

Easily retrofitted into most buildings with power

This is an easily retrofitted system that works well for Offices, Classrooms, Gyms & Your Home.

Remove ‘contact’ interaction with windows for open & closing

Drafts prevented via Modulated opening in small increments

IAQ Fresh & Clean - No Large Mechanical Vent System

Keeping your IAQ fresh and clean with out the interaction of large mechanical ventilation systems.

Quick reaction time for rapidly increasing Co2 levels

Single Zone System, Manual Over-Ride Switch, IAQ Room Controller & NV Logic Power Supply.

As a basic system we remove the ironmongery from your existing windows and replace with a low voltage 24v DC window actuator.

This in turn is cabled back to a power supply which can be plugged into a local 3 pin plug.

We have 2 further cables to install, one for the IAQ controller and 1 for the switch.

IndoorVent partnering up with Europe’s leading window automation manufacturer SE Controls. We have developed the ‘SE Indoor Air Quality Controller’ system

Questions & Answers

Will this make the window weak and easily opened from the outside?

No, this has a greater holding capacity window handles with a 2000Nm holding force. For oversize windows (greater than 1300) there may be a need for 2 window actuators to ensure a air tight seal when closed.

Window actuator opening incremental depending on the Co2 demand avoiding drafts.

Closed Window Position

Open Midway

Fully Open Window Position

Where does the equipment fit?

We generally install the system as concealed as possible. The actuator is surface mounted. The power supply can be concealed. The wall switch and IAQ controller are also surface mounted.

My window isn’t white so the window actuator will look out of place!

We can colour the actuators to suit the window system

What type of windows do the actuators suit?

Our actuators can be install onto 99% of all window types.

What stops fingers getting trapped in automated windows?

The actuators have a moderate level of entrapment protection that will make them stop in the event of an obstruction, however it is strongly recommended that only windows above 2m high are automated as Natural Ventilation fresh air brought in at a high level is the best and most effective method .

Where have such automated windows been installed?

The OPW (Office of Public Works) are using this system to retrofit into buildings where needed. Please contact us for further details.

Do the windows open when it is windy and raining?

There are a few add-ons to the system, one of which is a weather station that can react to high winds and rain thus restricting the windows from opening.

What are the add-on’s?

The addons are for possible networking when more than 1 zone is needed for controlling, a global ‘close all’ function for use of a time clock.


We can link up to 31 of these units in a line and offer complete global controls and join further networks together.

Can I manually open and close the windows?

Yes, there is a switch used as a ‘manual over ride’. This is generally used for temperature control. It doesn’t affect the automatic Co2 controls as it will revert back to the ‘auto mode’ 30 minutes after using the manual control.

Happy Customers

“The truth is, in our office we would be so engrossed in our work on-screen, the last thing any of us would be inclined to do is get up and open a window. After Shane installed the auto-vent, you clearly notice the feel and freshness of fresh air all of sudden and realise the widows have just opened automatically. It’s great. Really!”

Tom Redmond -

“I take care of both my elderly mother and my one-year-old at home. Both need fresh air, me included. I’m usually busy-busy and will forget to open a window in the kitchen living area. Now I don’t have to think about it. I also notice my Mother is more alert after the windows auto-open. I am delighted. Thank you Shane.”

Sarah Wang - Mother & Elderly Carer

“Thank you very much for the diligence in your work – it has been a pleasure dealing with you and we will be able to recommend you to others. Thank you for a job well done”

Mary Helen - ADM Londis



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